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This project is developed by Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia and its partners. The project will ameliorate the recognition of youth work and non-formal education through the development of certified “International youth studies” curricula (and organizing a distance-learning course for youth workers) and open educational materials for European Higher Education Institutions.
The specific objectives are:
• Stimulating and strengthening the integration of non-formal education and formal education at universities through the establishment of a certified course on International youth studies.
• creating bridges between formal and non-formal education, youth policy and practice in order to release innovation potential to raise the quality of educational and social service to Europe’s young people, to promote career flexibility and mobility, and to assert the value and utility of evidence-based policy and practice;
• Strengthening human potential in youth field by building a critical mass of quality youth workers;
• Promoting international recognition of the youth work and non-formal education through developing and adopting award criteria that are in line with the formal educational system.



Yerevan, Armenia

April 20-23, 2018

Youth Exchange Czech Republic

September, 2018

Evaluation Meeting Brussels, Belgium

April, 2019

The Conference aims to compare non-formal youth work and formal youth studies taking into account different approaches, bringing together youth and university teachers, researchers and practical youth workers, decision makers, leaders of youth clubs.

By implementing this youth exchange the young people will develop and practice methods and exercises to run non-formal learning activities on local and/or national level. The first youth exchange will answer the question - Why to promote the youth work.

This international meeting will focus on the development of “International youth studies” program/curricula and open educational materials on international youth work to be included in HEIs study programmes based on the experience of the 3 previous Mobility Activities.

Training Course


July, 2018

The training course will enlarge partners' skills with giving certain frameworks how to work with young people on local, national and international levels, what is the quality in youth work and what is recognition of non-formal education?

Youth Exchange


November, 2018

The second youth exchange will answer the question – How to promote the youth work. The practical outcomes of these youth exchanges will be used for the further development of educational materials and the final version of the International youth studies curricula.



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