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Call for participants! Youth project in Scotland!

Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia, in cooperation with its partner organizations Rural Youth Europe(RYE) and Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs, is searching for youngsters, who would like to join the European Rally 2018 event “Year of Young People, World of Opportunities” and to celebrate the 61st anniversary of Rural Youth Europe in Scotland! The event will take place at the Kilgraston School, 12th-19th August 2018.

The European Rally aims to bring together over 100 people from 20 Countries to develop skills, knowledge and confidence, get inspired, share the experiences, and discover the similarities in diversity.

The aim of the project is to empower rural young people to promote diverse, responsible and peaceful societies; raise the awareness of the importance of joint decision-making, consequences of person’s actions, as well as encourage cooperation between young people from different countries all over Europe.

To reach the objectives rural youth will:

  • Explore what Youth participation means, on which areas it can be applied to and what are the benefits

  • Define obstacles for youth participation and create suggestions for how to overcome them

  • Develop skills and plan actions to increase participation

The working methods will include interactive workshops and a series of study visits to explore different aspects of the theme. Sessions are based on non-formal education and will provide opportunities for participants to develop their skills and knowledge as well as to share their experiences.

Scotland will host a home stay evening towards the end of the week for all delegates to participate and experience wider Scotland