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The first impressions of my incredible EVS experience!

Hello, I am Hasmik Shahmuradyan and would like to share my EVS experience in Lithuania with you.

I always wanted to have experience in volunteering and for my opinion one of the best project in volunteering is EVS.

I knew that I’m going to do EVS in Lithuania in August. All this month I was preparing for my first big trip, I was always in contact with my Sending Organization (FYCA ) and Coordinating Organization (Creativitas). I had a lot of meetings and preparing lessons with my Sending Organization.

Next step was meeting with my Coordinating and Hosting Organizations in Birzai, Lithuania. Trying to get used to the new flat, new city, new job. After 1 week I went to Trakai, for on-arrival meeting. I got a lot of new friends, I met too different cultures and languages. I learnt how to work in groups, what is EVS in general and how to survive here.

I like my job very much. It’s a pleasure working with children. You can learn and grow with them every day. The best feeling is when you realize that you are helping them to have better childhood, hoping that it can help them to built a good future.

Now it’s already 1.5 months that I’m living, studying, working and doing my EVS in Lithuania. I am enjoying my work, and my EVS life. This is an incredible experience for me.

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