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Call for Participants! European Youth Rally in England!

Rally 2019 “Sharing and Caring in a Democratic and Inclusive European Community”

August 18 - August 25

Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia, in cooperation with its partner organization Rural Youth Europe, is happy to announce the call for participants for the European Youth Rally 2019! _ The European Rally aims to bring together over 100 people from 20 Countries to develop skills, knowledge and confidence, get inspired, share experiences, and discover similarities in diversity. The National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs (NFYFC) is excited to host the European Rally 2019. The title “Sharing and Caring in a Democratic and Inclusive European Community” is focused on the topic of Mental Health and well-being. The aim of the Rally is that European Rural Youth learn how to recognise signs of Mental Illness, develop competencies in how to deal with different situations and be inspired to take learning's back to their own countries and spread the message to ensure healthy rural communities for the future. The objectives: • share knowledge amongst rural youth about their home communities around Europe, their structure, their geography, culture and infrastructure, • to raise awareness of Mental Illness through sharing knowledge/understanding of Mental Illness and explore different country’s/organisation’s Mental Health strategies to share best practice, • to exchange creative ideas, methods and activities with regards to positively combating the Stigma that Mental Health has surrounding it still, • explore the democracies of each country and youth organisation - linking that to community life, pressures, methods of creating strategies/policies and how they are disseminated, • focusing on businesses within rural communities exploring strategies they have in place to ensure good health and well-being for themselves and their workforce, • empower young people to develop, strengthen and support their local communities ensuring inclusivity for all for the future. ***The working methods will include interactive workshops and a series of study visits to explore different aspects of the theme. Sessions are based on non-formal education and will provide opportunities for participants to develop their skills and knowledge as well as to share their experiences. English families will host a home stay evening towards the end of the week for all delegates to participate and experience wider area and culture. 📍Venue: Royal Agricultural University (RAU)

Profile of participants • Be between 18 and 25 years old. This is an Erasmus+ funding requirement, although there can be an exception for up to 20% of the participants. Group leaders can be 26-30 years old. Participants must have turned 18 before the start of the Rally (Sunday 18th August 2019) • Be able to communicate in English • Be active within their own youth organisation • Be willing to work on topics of Mental Health & Wellbeing Costs Participation fee: 150 euro Travel costs: The organizers will reimburse the travel costs up to 125 euro, in case the travel ticket costs min. 250 euro. Visa costs: Armenian participants should apply for the UK Visa. Registration

Please, use the online registration form and complete it BEFORE 27th June 2019. #FYCA #RYEurope #RALLY2019

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