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NEXT! – Training Course in Italy

From July 10-19, the members of the Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia participated in NEXT! – Non-formal education: EXcellenT! training course in RecoaroTerme, Italy.

The overall aim of the training course is to train youth professionals (youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, social workers, etc.) to prepare, run and evaluate the learning process within non-formal education in their youth work. To develop an understanding of nonformal learning and education and its importance in the personal and professional development of young people with fewer opportunities they work with.

“The opportunity that this program gave me was incredible and I couldn’t ever imagine how this changed and impacted my life. Now after this program, I’m ready to share all the experiences that I get from this program with the youth in my country'' mentioned Vergine Tadevosyan.

As Syuzi Tadevosyan mentioned this program seems like a box full of opportunities that she brings to Armenia to share with young people from her community.

- - - Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia was founded in 1999 and unites more than 100 organizations, clubs, centers, initiatives throughout Armenia’s regions, Javakhk and Artsakh. During 22 years of its existence, it carried out many local and international projects, and also contributed to thousands of young people’s education and development.

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