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Call for Participants! "Participation Toolbox!" TC in Germany!

✅The second international activity of Y-E-N work-plan 2019, which is dedicated to young people, is around the corner: the Training Course "Participation Toolbox!" that will take place 10-18 August in Berlin, Germany! This training will allow the youth involved in the local phases to improve their capacity to advocate for their active participation in society and develop their competences towards a better implementation and perceptibility of their initiative. The activity aims at developing the competences of young people from vulnerable groups in advocating for the recognition and valorisation of their participation in European society.

✅Profile of Participants!

🔹Young people from vulnerable groups 🔹18-30 years old 🔹Beneficiary / Volunteer / Peer in the organisation 🔹Coming from a vulnerable group (pushed out of society for as many reasons as we can think of: geographical, economical, social, religious belief, sexuality, gender, physical appearance/ condition, mental health, nationality, ethnicity etc.) 🔹Willing to work on a local action together with a youth worker and an external stakeholder

➡️➡️If interested, please fill in the application form until 27 JUNE 2019. In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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