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Land of Mesmerizing Sunsets. FYCA Volunteer shares her EVS story

After second month of my EVS project I started to miss the warm feeling of being with my loved ones and having the comfort of my own bedroom. It is hard to explain but I think that my heart was stuck back in my own home. At that time I realized that it is the only place which gives me a sense of belonging. But I managed to get over it by organizing events and getting busy. The good point of this project lies in the fact that we are given all chances to express ourselves, taking initiatives and being creative.

As I am volunteering in a regional park, I decided to cooperate with other organizations, hence I organized a bird-learning activity in the local kindergarten with the names and pictures of the most common birds of this territory. It was later followed by coloring paper game which the kids really liked. After these activities I decided to travel outside Lithuania which is another advantage of the project as you are provided with a visa. My first destination was Belgium…There I met my Armenian friend and together we explored surrealistic Belgium. I enjoyed Magritte, Belgium waffles and lost myself in the dazzling colors of Brugges.

Moreover, when I came back I felt more comfortable. Perhaps my true, comprehensive acquaintance with Lithuanian culture was on the day when with my colleagues of regional park we went to Rumšiškės. I was really excited because I was wearing Lithuanian traditional costume which reflects the values of the nation that I’m trying to understand. Besides I was introduced to Lithuanian cuisine, traditional music, dances and in the end I ended up with eating “Šakotis” and singing “Oira, oira” J.

Speaking about the challenges of this project the biggest one is perhaps weather which is never stable. There are days when the Sun is hidden. But when it is sunny in our flat from a tiny window that we have I just grab a cup of tea and enjoy the most breathtaking sunsets. I think when I go back home I would feel the absence of this picturesque scenery…

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