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Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia





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Mesrop Mashtots ave. 4-1/1,  0015 Yerevan, Armenia +37410588768, +37410588768

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Private organisation

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The Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia (FYCA) was established on the 10th of November, 1999.

Today FYCA unites more than 100 youth professional and regional clubs, centers, initiatives, youth groups and organizations throughout Armenia, thus becoming the largest youth organization in the country.

FYCA’s mission is to raise the role of the young generation in the processes of strengthening the civil society by uniting youth clubs.

FYCA aims at:

  • advocating the benefits of open youth work,

  • organizing seminars and joint trainings for youth workers, programs of youth exchange,

  • encouraging active involvement of young people in their communities,

  • promoting youth work in the regions,

  • developing youth information, counseling and research centers,

  • promoting intercultural learning and sustainable development.

FYCA closely cooperates with dozens of foreign and international organizations, has numerous stable partner institutions. FYCA is a member of the ECYC, YEN, YEE, NYCA, MIJARC Europe, WostAYN, WAC, RYE, Caucasus PEACE coalition and many other international organizations and networks.

Fields of interest: intercultural learning, international cooperation, non-formal education, open youth work, development and promotion of youth clubs, human rights education, democracy, civic participation, social inclusion, gender equality, youth work in conflict areas, peace-building, regional integration, tolerance, development of entrepreneurship skills, club management, ecology, healthy lifestyle, sustainable development, tourism development, volunteerism, research and publications.

The programs we work in: Erasmus+/ESC, youth exchanges, national youth policy review, research on youth, UNITED campaigns, seminars, training courses, study visits, campaigns, conferences, festivals, short and long-term educational programs in Armenia and abroad.

As the largest youth organization of Armenia, Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia (FYCA) is dealing with the topics which are interesting for the member clubs and youth in general. During the last decades, FYCA has implemented dozens of local, national and international projects, focused on the topic of non-formal education, open youth work, human rights education, civic active citizenship, youth participation, democracy, regional integration, social inclusion of youngsters living in rural areas and so on.

According to the data of the last five years, FYCA is leading with the quantity of implemented international youth programs, providing an opportunity to thousands of young people to participate in youth projects in Armenia and abroad.

While carrying out both local and international youth initiatives and projects, FYCA pays huge attention to implementing them through non-formal educational techniques, which are extremely useful and interactive approaches for working with youth in general. FYCA periodically manages sessions for empowering its youth workers with new, valuable competences regarding new non-formal educational tools and manuals.

FYCA has a professional staff experienced in national and international levels.

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Dr. Atom Mkhitaryan is the President of the Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia, head of the  Scientific Policy Department at the State Committee of Science of the Republic of Armenia. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Physics. He is the president of the Association of Youth Organizations of the World Armenian Congress, has been the board president of the Y-E-N international organization (based in Strasbourg), member of the team of European Council instructors,  president of World Armenian Youth Network, as well as a member of the national youth policy council under the RA Prime Minister. 


Mr. Arman Grigoryan is a Board member, project manager, and responsible for International affairs at FYCA. Arman is an international trainer expert in the fields of Communications, Citizenship, Participation, and Democracy. Having journalism and communications education, he is the responsible person/coordinator for the International communication and Project development and management department. He has 9 years of work experience in the NGO sphere.




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EVS Charter (LLP-EVS-CHARTER) - 2015-1-PL01-KA110-017897



Title: Mr.     Gender: Male

1 st name: Atom       Family Name: Mkhitaryan

Department: Presidium        Position: President     Email: Telephone: +37491200798

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Title: Mr Gender: Male

1 st name: Arman      Family Name:  Grigoryan

Department:  Board    Position:  Board Member Email: Telephone: +37410588768 

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