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We unite in our rows people, who feel young, who have dreams and believe that the world can be changed for the better, who are young enough at the same time to learn everything…

Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia was founded in 1999.

Today FYCA unites more than 100 youth professional and regional clubs, centers and organizations throughout Armenia, thus becoming the largest youth organization.

Our mission is to raise the role of the youth in the country and in the strengthening of civil society, consolidating youth clubs.

Our organization’s principles are legality, voluntariness, equality, self-management, and publicity.

Our structure:

The supreme body of the organization is the conference which is convened once every two years. The current superintendence implements the elected Presidency headed by the President and the executive body is the Secretariat with the leadership of General Secretary.

FYCA has regional coordinators in each region of Armenia.

Our symbol:

FYCA’s symbol is "Yerak"- trifoliate triangle, which symbolizes stability, unity, and movement.

 ​Our slogan:

Open the youth work.

FYCA’s activity areas



  • Strong partnership for development of international youth and educational programs

  • Experts and trainers in different fields; experienced youth workers

  • Active and motivated participants

  • Networking

to individuals

  • To participate in FYCA's international programs

  • To be involved in FYCA's projects as an expert or trainer

  • EVS and internship

  • Joint researches, publications

  • Informational counseling

  • Friendship in Armenia


We organize:

training courses, seminars, youth exchanges, EVS, study visits, campaigns, festivals, conferences, exhibitions, camps, other short and long-term youth and educational programs both in Armenia and abroad.


FYCA closely cooperates with dozens of foreign and international organizations, has numerous stable partner institutions. FYCA is a member of the ECYC, YEN, YEE, NYCA, WostAYN, WAC, MIJARC and many other international organizations and networks.


  • FYCA has the biggest youth electronic group ( to disseminate information on youth issues;

  • According to the data of the last five years, FYCA is leading with the quantity of implemented international youth programs, providing an opportunity to thousands of young people to participate in youth short-term and long-term other programs both in Armenia and abroad; 

  • FYCA has a professional staff experienced in national and international levels; 

  • FYCA has the largest nationwide network in Armenia. 

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