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Call for participants for Regional Youth meeting in Rustavi

Regional Youth Meeting in Rustavi, GEORGIA (20th-30th July 2018) “ALL INCLUSIVE #1” is the first of three regional youth meetings that are a part of the work-plan of the Partner organisation of Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia, Y-E-N will take place in the Caucasus region and gather young people coming from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Turkey and Russia. This youth meeting will bring together young people to work on youth expression and peacebuilding / conflict transformation. It will strengthen the capacity of young people to deal the potential conflicts but use Art as a tool for stressing cultural values in order to build up intercultural dialogue, peace initiative and combat violence and racial harassment. It will teach the participants to live under common roof in international community, tolerate, be integrated and to become responsible citizens and to actively contribute to civic life in their local societies.

The DEADLINE for applications is the 15th of June. The Selection date is the 20th of June.

How to apply: fill the online form.

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