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Call for Participants for the HTML - How to Make Lessons for Youth Workers Training Course

Call for Participants for the HTML - How to Make Lessons for Youth Workers

Training Course, 22nd – 29th of July 2018, Georgia, in the framework of the International Youth Studies: Curricula, Distance Learning Course and Open Educational Materials – InYouS, Erasmus+ Capacity Building project.

The training course will enlarge partners' skills with giving certain frameworks how to work with young people on local, national and international levels, what is the quality in youth work and what is recognition of non-formal education? The program of the training will be well developed by the international team taking into account the fact that the developed materials will be used for the curricula on International Youth Studies.

Participants will start to work on creating some new methods and materials based on their experience. Another focus of this training is to give practical knowledge and skills to participants and partner organizations to prepare 2 youth exchange projects. We will use also own experiences gained from good practice examples from project’s activity 1 – “Non-Formal Youth Work and Formal Youth Studies” International Conference held in Armenia 19-24 April, 2018.

The training results will serve as a basis for developing strategies for youth work non-formal education, which will be reviewed by partner HEIs to ensure alignment with university curricula standards.


The training will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia, from 22nd to 29th of July 2018.

Requested Profile of Participants

  • Be involved in youth work at a local / national level or with great motivation for involvement;

  • Be passionate about youth work willing to create valuable content for the professionalization of Youth Workers

  • Must be 18+ and be residents in the country of their sending organization;

  • Be fluent in English as a working language, willing and committed to work about 8 hours per day;

  • Be able to replicate the methods and activities learned at the training course in their organizations and through the framework of the course curricula