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Call for a project in Romania: Messages from the future!

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? A youth event like no other? One that will make you travel in time: 50 years from now and show you the world in 2068?

What? You don't think that's possible?

Then we challenge you to join us in Romania this autumn for our unique international simulation "Messages from the future!"

WHAT WE'LL DO THERE: - you will travel in time, 50 years from now, in the year 2068 to look at what the world has achieved in the past 50 years and why we are not enjoying sustainable peace yet each day will focus on one of the topics: o extremism o climate change o migration o gender - you will be given a short and funny scenario, in which you will play a specific role based on the topic of the day. You will plan your position and negotiate with the other parties during a mediated meeting. You will have to reach an agreement on how to solve the most stringent problems you have identified. - at the end of each day, you will transform your ideas into a photo or a series of photos and a message related to the factor of the day that you would like to send to young people in the present in order to tell them what can be done now for things in the future to look more optimistic. - the photos and the messages you have created will form one section of an educational exhibition after the simulation, when you are back home, we count on your support to host the travelling exhibition in your country.

WHEN: 3rd September 2018 - arrival day 9th September 2018 - departure day

*you are expected to arrive on the 3rd September at any hour and plan you departure on the 9th in the morning (participants who arrive earlier or leave later will take care of their own accommodation and meals for the extra days and run the risk of not having their travel costs covered if they do not inform MIJARC Europe on their travel arrangements) !!! Please, do not make any travel arrangements without first consulting with MIJARC Europe’s Secretariat !!!

WHERE: BUZAU - ROMANIA more details on the venue will be provided in the practical information pack

WHO: 4 participants per member organisation (age 15-25 years old) 1 group leader per member organisation (age 18 - 30 years old)

If you are interested to be a part of this project, fill the application form, the latest 16th of July.

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