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FYCA Members for Democracy Campaigns. "Race For Tolerance" is taking place in Germany

FYCA team, comprised of FYCA members Nelli Chibukhchyan, Elen Minasyan, Arine Mkhitaryan, Anush Mnatsakanyan and FYCA Vice-President Nazineh Khalafyan, participates in a youth exchange project called Race For Tolerance in Garlsdedt, Germany.

The Project is full of physical exercises aimed at preparing the participants to get ready for a 4-km demonstration march to be held in Bremen as a final result of the Project.

The participants were presented to main rules of holding demonstrations.

To apply the new skills obtained the participants were taken to Bremen where they held a demonstration rehearsal.

While the evening was full of interesting stories by the participants about their own experience in holding or participating in democratic demonstrations in their own countries.

On the second day everyone presented his/her role model of tolerance. For instance, Charles Aznavour, Mother Teresa, Cho La Aon, etc, were among the tolerance role models.

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