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FYCA is giving support to rural youth clubs to initiate policy-making actions

FYCA is delighted to announce about the start of a new international collaboration in the framework of Erasmus+ 'Strengthening Capacities of Young Leaders and Youth Organisations for Meaningful Community Participation' capacity building project.

Project's overall aim is to develop leadership competences of young people and support establishing and capacity building of local youth organisations to participate in community policy-making in rural areas of Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine and Portugal.

The project will have several stages, where the logical continuation of rural youth empowerment and participation in community policy-making will be supported by FYCA as the following:

- To identify and learn best practices of youth engagement in Portugal, explore the

mechanisms of interaction between young people and policymakers and empower 20

young people within the Fellowship in Portugal (5-13 April 2020). Intensive 7-day fellowship aimed at learning best practices of youth engagement in policy development on local level in Portugal.

Fellowship includes visit to the Ministry of Education Department in Evora; visits to 3 rural settlements in the interior of Portugal: Cuba, Vidigueira and Alvito, where the fellows will have meetings in the City Councils, meetings with Mayors, leaders of youth organisations and youth parliaments; visits to youth councils of the Region Alentejo. In addition, the fellows will design specific plans of the Awareness Campaign on youth engagement in each communities.

- After Fellowship, its participants will engage in advocating youth participation in policy-making in their home communities through meetings with municipalities, schools, citizens and other relevant stakeholders. They will identify active youngsters willing to establish a youth club or find already existing local organisations that want to reinforce their capacity.

- To train 24 youth workers from Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine and Portugal to become

multipliers of youth participation in decision-making on local level and advocating

youth needs in the policy agenda during the 8-day Training course in Ukraine. The participants will be trained to conduct training sessions for communities and develop 1-

day training agenda. In addition, they draft a brochure on how to establish a youth

organisation in each country.

- The participant youth will get support and financial resources to design and implement local awareness campaigns in their home community, then engage into the policy development and decision-making. Young people together with FYCA's local youth organisations

and partners will implement their policy intervention plans addressing the needs and

concerns of young people of their areas.

- Youth Exchange in Ukraine: The participants will be selected among youngsters that participated in local activities most actively.

- Engage in the dissemination activities of the project organizing public conferences to share the results of the project.

If you are interested to take part in this unique opportunity, have a life-changing opportunity and CHANGE your community participation and make young people's voice heard in rural areas, then do not hesitate to apply.

How to apply:

1. Organize your team, already existing local youth club or local organization. If you do not have any, you can create your team from your local rural community, people who share the same values and ideas and want to participate in policy-making.

2. Fill in the application form. There you have to clearly describe your vision on what policies you want to change, where do you want to participate and make your voice heard.

3. Which resources or support would you need? Maybe financial resources always created an obstacle and gave you fewer opportunities to participate or initiate any change? Think about it and put down concrete support and preliminary budget calculation for your local actions.

The deadline to submit your proposal is 15th of January 2020.

The selected groups will be invited for an interview/discussion of the plan.

ATTENTION: The priority will be given to FYCA’s member youth clubs, which are operating its activities in regions (marzes) or rural areas of Armenia.

The group leaders of successful ideas will get the chance to participate in the Fellowship in Portugal and the Training Course in Ukraine.

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