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Make a Difference. Youth Exchange in the UK

From May 1-10, the members of the Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia participated in the international youth exchange program “Make a difference” in Chester, United Kingdom.

The youth exchange aims to develop young people's social entrepreneurship skills and to motivate them to identify problems in their communities, face challenges, and contribute to society's development. This is a 9-day youth exchange that follows an Advance Planning Visit and aims to achieve the following goals:

· To increase young people's awareness and sense of social entrepreneurship;

· To strengthen young people's sense of initiative in the social field in order to support their communities;

· boost participants' confidence and inspire them to start their own social enterprises.

· assist individuals in overcoming their fear of failure and achieving a more positive attitude toward the labor market.

The project focused on developing young people's social entrepreneurship skills and empowering them to identify problems in their communities, face challenges, and contribute to the development of society. According to research conducted by partner organizations, their local target groups are motivated to be social entrepreneurs/change-makers, but they face challenges when taking initiatives, such as a fear of failure, a lack of knowledge about social entrepreneurship, and poor entrepreneurial skills.

The participants created a strong network with each other, discovered England together. Participants come from the following countries; the United Kingdom, Armenia, Lithuania, Georgia, Romania.

Here are some thoughts that our participants share with us.

“The opportunity that this program gave me was incredible and I couldn’t ever imagine how this changed and impacted my life. Now after this program I’m ready to share all the experiences that I get from this program with the youth in my country during our follow-up activity.”- Syuzi Tadevosyan

“For me, this program seems like a box full of opportunities that I bring to Armenia to share with my friends”-Manush Charchyan

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