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Youth-Civil Society Shaping Factor

Extraordinary parliamentary elections were held in the Republic of Armenia on June 20, 2021.

Elections, in general, are a cornerstone in the formation of any state and civil society. However, the challenges of the previous year made this election even more important. The Social and Youth workers (SYW) NGO has always appreciated and continues to appreciate the active involvement of the youth in civic activities and in building a conscious civil society both in local and national levels. Based on this principle, SYW ensured the participation of its young members in the extraordinary elections as observers at local level.

After passing the preparatory phase organised by the biggest youth NGO -FYCA (Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia), 25 members of SYW carried out an observation mission in Lori region of Armenia.

Each of the participants was involved in the work with gre

at enthusiasm. During the observation mission, the members approached the work with great responsibility and high professional level. In addition to just being present at the polling stations, they were able to orient themselves correctly in unforeseen situations, to settle some situations in accordance with the law.

During the first meeting after the elections, the participants shared their impressions, experiences and observations. One of the goals of our organization is not only to provide active entertainment for young people, but also to help them recognize their rights and responsibilities, to realize their role and significance in shaping the future of Armenia.

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