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Call for participants for “VOTE!” Training course in Malta

The largest youth organization of Armenia, Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia (FYCA) opens a call for participants for a training course in Malta from the 28th of April to the 5th of May within the frame of “Raising the capacities of youth NGOs for rural youth participation in democratic life – VOTE!” long-term project. The project aims to bring the organisations from all over the Europe working in rural youth development and raise the capacities of youth NGOs to encourage youth active participation in European democratic life and elections. The second stop of the “VOTE!” project is a training course to be implemented in Malta from 28.04 – 05.05.2019. The participants will experience an intense learning process that will enable them to develop the competences to efficiently plan, implement and evaluate multiplication initiatives aimed at:

  • Involving rural youth in policy development at local, regional and national level;

  • Developing cross sectorial projects;

  • Design initiatives to campaign and raise awareness of absenteeism and how to combat it. It will be composed by a mixed group of rural youth leaders and youth workers from the partner organisations.

The training course will allow youth workers to develop their competence to successfully work with young people from rural areas. TC will allow to create of 12 Local Action Plans for local Youth and design 12 local multipliers peer activities for rural youth active participation. It will also increase the knowledge, skills and attitudes on the fields of advocacy, rural youth engagement, election participation, election observation, and on project development.

If you are interested to participate in the project, please, fill the form until the 27th of February, 2019. (

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