WHERE DO WE GO? FYCA Volunteer Shares Her EVS Story

Hey there! My name is Liana and I am from Armenia. Today I am going to take you somewhere, mmm… somewhere very nice! Currently I am volunteering in Lithuania, in a Regional park of a small, lovely town of Birzai. Full of expectations and desires, I said goodbye to my family and friends and decided to unravel some of the undiscovered corners of the world, somewhere where one can find the most untouched beauties of nature. Birzai…

In fact, my on the road experience started on 3rd of May when I packed my things and decided to dedicate my soul to a little portion of adventure. As you see I am here because for me Lithuania and, particularly, Birzai looked like unexploredand somehow exotic region…So, little by little I started to discover my new home, met a lot of people: my flatmates, my colleagues, some local volunteers, my mentor, other volunteers that live in Birzai.