MY LAST DAYS IN LITHUANIA. FYCA volunteer shares her EVS story!

Having watched so many movies about summer camps, its cozy environment and adventurous time there; I have always been captured by the idea of experiencing it in my life. But when you live in a capital city the chances to take part in a summer camp are getting a little bit blur. When traveling to Lithuania-my EVS country I couldn't have imagined that my first very experience of a summer camp would occur in this place! And imagine how delighted I was when a local friend of mine called me and invited me to take part in a summer ''stovykla'' in the district of Šiaulai but somewhere far away from the centre, more precisely in the middle of nowhere. He warned me about all the challenges of the camp, for instance weather (it is never stable in this place) food, place and as I understood from his stories it was going to be exceptionally a survival camp. But