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Ani Poghosyan represented FYCA in "YEE-include: Inclusion in environmental youth" project

A seminar of Youth and Environment Europe called YEE-include: Inclusion in environmental youth projects” was held in Horazdovice, Czech Republic from April 2th till April 9th during which FYCA was represented by its active volunteer Ani Poghosyan. The main goal of the seminar was to enrich participants’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order to organize high-quality environmental projects later on including people with disablilities as well (ones with social, economical, educational, physical or mental problems). In order to understand how it feels like to be disabled and therefore vulnerable, participants of the project had an opportunity to appear on the wheelchairs and close their eyes and ears to understand the blind and the deaf. Ani told that the participants of the project had visited a farm where they had dealt with non-formal education of people with physical and mental problems. Various problems concerning this topic were raised in a way of forum-theatres during the project.

10 countries (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Albania, Italy, Germany, Moldova, Spain, Armenia and Georgia) took part in the project with their groups consisted of two-three members.

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