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FYCA members represented Armenia during a study session in Strasbourg

The Study Session was organised by Youth Express Network and Youth Social Rights Network in cooperation with the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe (Youth Department). It took place from 12th to 18th November 2017 in Strasbourg (France). Sirarpi Manyan and Kristine Khachatryan represented Armenia.

It was about advocating for Social Rights and the ENTER Recommendations’ implementation.

The main goal of the Study Session was to increase the capacities of youth councils to improve: access on social rights of young people and the implementation of the Recommendation CM/REC (2015).

Kristine told that they studied how to give access of young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to social rights. She has deep knowledge now about social rights and she can map ways of addressing social rights challenges in different realities.

19 countries (Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece , Italy, Latvia, Montenegro, Romania , Russian Federation, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine) took part in this Study Session.

They also had an intercultural evening.Every country represented their culture.They brought some snacks, drink and interesting facts from their countries.

They could work effectively in a good team and learn many new things from each other. The exchange of experience was significantly effective.

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