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Advocacy campaigns gathered young people!

Diana Yeghiazaryan and Harutyun Tsatryan from Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia (FYCA), a member organisation of MIJARC Europe, have attended the study session "Advocates for Education" organised by Don Bosco Youth-Net ivzw in cooperation with the Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Participation, Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

The study session took place at the European Youth Centre in Budapest from 9 to 14 of April 2018. "Advocates for Education" trained volunteers involved in non-formal youth work to advocate for the needs of the young people they educate, applying a Human Rights-based approach.

The training started with programme with a 3-day inductive learning process. Participants explored different questions related to Human Rights advocacy in order to build a common frame of reference: What is advocacy? How can young people be advocates for issues that affect them? What is the advocacy work done in the Don Bosco Movement? What is the general Human Rights panorama? What are the Human Rights in question? What are the Human Rights advocacy specificities? For this there were used a combination non-formal methods including theoretical input, methods from COMPASS and 'Have your say', simulation games and experiential learning.

The last 3 days participants followed deductive learning process, starting from the theoretical framework build-up the previous days building up practical skills to develop and implement a campaign. First they were introduced to different campaign strategies through the experts and by using case studies of CoE’s youth sector campaigns as examples of good practice. Next the participants were challenged to develop a campaign directed at different target groups (young people in their local organisations, pupils of Don Bosco schools, local policy makers). Participants finished with a feedback on the campaigns developed and planed their implementation.

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