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Call for Participants! Youth Exchange "Now is Time" in Granada, Spain

Youth Exchange "Now is Time" in Granada, Spain

60 participants (including group leaders) raise their competencies through discussion on matters of game-based learning and gamification.

✅ Aims of the Youth Exchange

♦ to raise the awareness and the sense of social entrepreneurship among young people

♦ to strengthen young people's sense of initiative in the social field in order to support their communities

♦ to equip the participants with necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes needing for putting their initiatives into practice

♦ to raise the participants' level of confidence and motivate them to kick-start social enterprises

♦ to let participants to overcome fear of failure and improve their positive attitude towards the labour market

♦ to foster international exchange of ideas and transmission of competences and to see the added value of diversity

♦ to promote tolerance, sense of equality and solidarity, to respect intercultural, non-discriminative dialogue and foster social integration

✅ Participant's Profile:

♦ is aged 18-25

♦ Is motivated to find like-minded people; develop entrepreneurial competencies; raise new initiatives; convert ideas into outputs.

♦ Identifies needs/ ideas/ opportunities that can be followed by establishing a social enterprise;

♦ youth with economic/ social/ cultural obstacles will have a priority in the selection process.

♦ has Interest in social entrepreneurship

♦ has at least intermediate level of English language

♦ is eager to organize dissemination activities after the Youth Exchange

♦ youth with economic/ social/ cultural obstacles will have a priority in the selection process


All the participants should get vaccinated: the first dose before June 25 and the second dose before August 20.

🏰 Place: Granada, Spain

📌 Dates: APV + Youth Exchange September 1-13, 2021

📌 Dates: Youth Exchange September 5-13, 2021

⏰ Deadline to apply: 6pm, June 13, 2021

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 820 EUR.

Visa costs will be reimbursed up to 57 EUR.

Participation fee for participants: 40 EUR

FYCA membership card: 6000 AMD

➡️➡️ If interested, please fill in the application form until 6pm, June 13, 2021.

📩📩 In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at

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