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"Diversity Academy" YE Project in Lithuania

Youth Exchange Project “Diversity Academy” took place from September 23 to October 1 in Nevaršonys, Lithuania. The project was designed for young leaders to develop their diversity management competences and help them to implement a culture of diversity in their life and work environment. A 7-day activity gathered 36 participants (6 per country) from Lithuania, Macedonia, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine.

The participants improved their communication, project management, public speaking, intercultural, facilitation and other skills. The project strengthened civil society, promoted the European values of equity, solidarity, social inclusion and concept of active citizenship, and increased the quality of youth work with diverse groups of youngsters in EU and EaP countries. The participating NGOs networked and created a common vision of the European future actively engaging young people in its formation. The project contributed to forming tolerant, peaceful and inclusive Europe through educating young leaders.

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