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Study Session "Shrinking Space for Civil Society"

More and more civil society organisations face challenges and restrictions across Europe. Young people and their organisations are particularly vulnerable in the context of shrinking civil space. The study session, organised by the European Confederation of Youth Clubs in collaboration with Rural Youth Europe and the Council of Europe at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg, “Shrinking space for civil society” brings together young activists to raise awareness on the topic.


The main aim of this study session is to empower young people and youth organisations to engage in expanding the space for civil society through youth work and youth-led actions.


Taking part in the study session will help you:

- to understand what is shrinking space for civil society and how it affects youth organisations and young people;

- to share experiences and good practice in response to shrinking space for youth organisations and young people;

- to disseminate the knowledge within your organisation, and to connect it to the topic;

- to сonnect to like-minded young people that are currently engaging in countering effects of shrinking civil space;

- to share your personal story about how you’ve experienced phenomena of shrinking space for civil society on an online platform (if preferred anonymously).

Desired profile of participants

The study session is open for:

- Young people with a keen interest in the topic of shrinking space for civil society;

- Engaged in meaningful participation in civil society from the European Confederation of Youth Clubs and Rural Youth Europe member organisations, or members of NGOs, youth workers, youth leaders, volunteers, human rights defenders;

- Motivated to build solidarity and further civil society spaces and connections between youth organisation and informal youth groups;

- age 18-30, residents of European Cultural Convention signatory countries1, with good use of English.

Arrival is on Sunday 1st of March 2020 (preferably no later than 19:00).

Departure is on Saturday 7th of March 2020 (preferably after 9:00).