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The largest Youth organization of Armenia is 20 years old!

On World Youth Day, the Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia celebrates its 20th anniversary. Public figures who participated in the active social life of the country since its independence were hosted for the jubilee celebration at the "Yeraz" complex.

The Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia has become a unique platform for the young people’s self-expression and self-establishment. This day was no exception: an exhibition of portraits and paintings by a FYCA Secretariat member Inesa Shahazizyan was organized. For the young artist this is the beginning of a new path. Former and current FYCA members had the opportunity to recall their active engagement through the photos displayed regularly on the screen set up in the hall, which awakened bright memories.

Some information and interesting facts have been presented about the journey of Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia (#FYCA) through the years. FYCA President Atom Mkhitaryan welcomed the guests. He mentioned that for twenty years the organization has been walking along with young people in line with their needs."My friends say that I have three children - my first child is FYCA", joked Mr. Mkhitaryan. He stated that each year FYCA implements a substantial number of local and international projects and events in which hundreds of young people participate. It was also noted that the organization started its activities on November 10, 1999, bringing together only seven student-youth clubs, and now the number of clubs is more than a hundred. He congratulated everyone and encouraged the old and new members to communicate with each other, “ideas of new projects might be born today”.

Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of RA Gevorg Loretsyan congratulated everyone, mentioning: "I think it is quite pleasing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of an organization. We see how organizations are being opened and closed in a short period of time, but you have been actively operating in Armenia and abroad for twenty years, always being next to the youth. In essence, we do the same job, you simply do it on public level and we do it on state level. Seeing the bright faces of the young people present here, I am convinced that my positive opinion of this organization is more than correct".

The evening became memorable with "FYCA band"'s performances. FYCA Secretariat members Armine Movsesyan, Lilit Hovakimyan, Anush Mnatsakanyan and FYCA volunteer Lyuba Sahakyan made beautiful musical performances.

A longtime friend of FYCA, cultural worker Aram Sukiasyan also addressed the guests with good wishes: "I am very happy to be here, I cordially congratulate everyone. My colleague Atom Mkhitaryan has overcome all the difficulties that have come along the way of the organization's progress. It is honorable for our country to have such an organization with a positive international image. I consider the secret of FYCA's success to be its abstention from being a satellite of any political party. I am happy to see here new faces and it is a pleasure for me to record the fact that today's youth is very active in this field".

After the wonderful performance of "FYCA band", words of congratulations were extended by FYCA friend Gevorg Nersisyan: "I am Atom Mkhitaryan’s old friend. As a friend, I am very happy and proud of the success the organization has registered. I wish the organization to become so powerful that the cooperation with FYCA would be honorable for many international organizations".

During the event another interesting initiative was implemented by Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia's Secretariat member Hrayr Poghosyan, who had created an interactive Kahoot Quiz for the guests about FYCA's history and activities.

The evening continued with a reception, flow of congratulations, interesting games, as well as tasting of FYCA's 20th anniversary symbolic cake.

In the near future, FYCA's 20th anniversary events will continue both online and at the youth clubs operating in throughout Armenia.

FYCA Public Relations Committee

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