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What is social entrepreneurship? Let's talk about it

The members of Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia, who participated in the “Make a difference “Erasmus + Program in Chester UK, organized a follow-up event and host more than 25 participants from different parts of Armenia who were interested in this topic.

During this event, our members share the knowledge about social entrepreneurship, the types of it and the ways to start a business. During the event the participants of the project were also shown some examples about local and international social entrepreneurship and share their success stories.

The “Make a difference” program aimed to increase the interest in social entrepreneurship among young people, as well as equip the participants with the appropriate skills and knowledge that will be necessary to implement their initiatives. In addition, within the framework of the program, young people got acquainted with several topics, such as tolerance, equality, solidarity, social integration, etc.

Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia was founded in 1999 and unites more than 100 organizations, clubs, centers, initiatives throughout Armenia’s regions, Javakhk and Artsakh. During 22 years of its existence, it carried out many local and international projects, and also contributed to thousands of young people’s education and development.

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