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"YOU(th) Voice Matters": A space of empowerment, cultural exchange, and networking

Youth exchange "YOU(th) Voice Matters" in the framework of a long-term "Strengthening Capacities of Young Leaders and Youth Organisations for Meaningful Community Participation" - CYMECOP capacity-building project has become a space of empowerment, cultural exchange, and networking for 40 young leaders from four European countries!

On September 17-25 the long-awaited youth exchange was implemented in Kyiv region. The seven-day activity was aimed at enhancing in the long term the civic competencies, sense of initiative, and active citizenship of 40 young people from Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Portugal.

The youth exchange was facilitated by participants themselves, who shared their experience of volunteering and local youth participation. Through peer-to-peer learning, exchanging ideas, and identifying best practices, the young participants were developing sustainable mechanisms of youth participation in the social and political life of rural communities.

After the youth exchange, the participants will continue working on promoting youth participation in their communities by implementing policy interventions plans to better address the needs of youth.

Here is what some of the Armenian participants say about the youth exchange.