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Youth Exchange "Enjoyment on Daily Basis" in Paphos, Cyprus

36 participants (including group leaders) raise their competencies through discussion on matters of game-based learning and gamification.

✅ Aims of the Youth Exchange

♦ to discuss the concept of gamification and game-based learning

♦ to identify the added value on participants and of applying game-based elements to their daily lives, careers, and learning processes

♦ to understand the differences between gamification and game-based learning

♦ to share gamified tools and tools that help to gamify learning experiences

♦ to get to know best-gamified practices and to experience their advantage over "traditional" learning experiences

✅ Participant's Profile:

♦ is aged 18-27

♦ has an interest in gamification and game-based learning

♦ has at least an intermediate level of English language

♦ is eager to organize dissemination activities after the Youth Exchange

♦ youth with economic/ social/ cultural obstacles will have a priority in the selection process


All the participants should be fully vaccinated before October 1.

🏰 Place: Paphos, Cyprus