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FYCA's 🆕 brand-new project "Youth Rights Ambassadors against COVID-19" was launched, which is supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe 🙌

👆 The day 1 was about getting to know each other and ACCESS OF YOUNG PEOPLE FROM DISADVANTAGED NEIGHBOURHOODS
TO SOCIAL RIGHTS recommendation, teambuilding, 🤝an engaging quiz on EYF, CoE, and FYCA.

ℹ️  The aim of this project is to raise awareness of regional youth workers and leaders on their access to social rights through the help of Enter! CM/rec (2015)3 Recommendation Access of young people to Social Rights. The project aims to develop youth leaders’ skills to become Youth Rights Ambassadors, who will raise awareness in their region’s local youth clubs for access to social rights in the post COVID-19 situation.

The second day of the Youth Rights Ambassadors against COVID-19 project was more exciting. The participants got acquainted with the Enter! Recommendation's points on education talked about the right to education and training, discussed the main problems of the Armenian educational system, and offered their solutions.

The second part of the day was dedicated to the right to employment and occupation. The representative of the State Employment Agency Hermine Karapetyan introduced the participants

  • The right to free choice of employment;

  • The main manifestations of labor rights violations in the Republic of Armenia;

  • Peculiarities of the labor market for young people in the post-COVID-19 situation;

  • Labor Code control, rights protection mechanism and a number of other key issues.

  • The meeting ended with a discussion on discrimination examples in the labor environment.

In the framework of the "Youth Rights Ambassadors against COVID-19" program, during the 3rd meeting we first talked about the barriers for young people to independent living, including the acquisition of decent, affordable and secure housing, got acquainted with ENTER! Recommendations points on the field of housing and discussed housing programs and state policy for young professionals and families in Armenia.

In the second part of the meeting, our guest Knar Ghonyan, the Head of the Division of Medical Care Policy Department of the Ministry of Health of Armenia, introduced to the young leaders the state-funded medical services in Armenia. Then we discussed the issues related to access to quality health services for prevention and care. 👩‍🔬‍🔬🩺

At the 4th meeting, we talked about the right of young people to information and counseling.


A number of issues were discussed, including what is youth information, the right to receive information, who and how to apply for receiving information, in which cases the state body can refuse to provide information, why do we need informed young people, which are the local and youth platforms from which one can get quality information.


The next topic of the day was the right of young people to the sport, leisure, and cultural opportunities. We discussed challenges young people face in access to sport, leisure, and culture, which paradoxically are recognized as excellent channels for participation and active citizenship.

The project had 2 practical workshops to help the participants to learn planning and implementing their follow-up activities, for which they would get funding.


During the first workshop, the future ambassadors of social rights got introduced to the steps of developing their own follow-up activities, initiatives, actions and projects. Then the participants step by step worked on the elaboration of their own ideas.

At the second workshop, we discussed the follow-up activities proposed by young people from all the Armenian regions, the participants developed their skills of giving and getting feedback by peers through commenting on the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed projects.

▶️ The first online version of ENTER Dinityland! educational card game on social rights was developed and presented within the framework of this "Youth Rights Ambassadors against COVID-19" project by FYCA.

The Enter Dignityland! is a card game on social rights, where the players, as Members of Parliament in an imaginary country called Dignityland, have to decide on the social policies concerning social rights within a development plan for the next five years. Through argumentation and decision-making processes, players learn more about social rights and their links to social policies.
The Armenian translation of the Dignityland! game was done by KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation.

For using the online adapted version of the Dignityland game, please, contact us at email.

Inauguration Day

The project "Youth Rights Ambassadors against COVID-19" was summed up on March 20, 2021.

19 young leaders from 10 regions of Armenia, having successfully completed a two-month online course on social rights, received the title of "Youth Rights Ambassador".


The participants had the opportunity to meet face to face, to establish inter-regional relations, to be informed about the description, responsibilities and rights of the title "Youth Rights Ambassador".


Artashat, Ararat region

A two-day training course was held on May 15 and 16 in Artashat. The aim of the local follow-up activity was to raise awareness of the social right, labor and employment rights.

Within the framework of the two-day training, a group of young people from the city of Artashat and surrounding rural areas actively discussed a number of cases of labor discrimination, presented their opinions, experiences, and ideas. The project passed meaningfully and young people expressed a desire to create a big youth club on the topic and to develop youth work in the Ararat region.