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Vardavar  International Festival 2016

Youth Clubs Federation( FYCA) is organizing the ‘’Vardavar International Festival on July 3 , which, already, became a tradition. Cognitive ,Educational, Cultural festival will be held in Garni , Geghard, which considers to be the treasure of the Armenian and International culture. Today ,festival organizers presented the details at the press conference.

The festival program includes Vardavar's church services as well as national song, dance ensemble's wonderful performances , traditional games . There will be Vardavar thematic pavilions that represent different regions, traditions , ritual(traditional)meals and handmade crafts. Festival’s Armenian and foreign guests as well as our diaspora compatriots will have an opportunity to participate in the ceremony of pouring water.

“Ethnographic famous ensembles and actors will perform a musical performance , at 15:00 , which will provide the whole essence of the “Vardavar”festival in its own unique way”_said Atom Mkhitaryan , the director of the festival, inviting all those interested to be part of the Sunday celebration.

The Deputy Governor of Kotayk, Karen Margaryan, emphasized that, emphasized by the governor Karapet Guloyan , is paying attention to the intensification of the cultural life , resulting the filling of the regional daily routine by new and unique cultural events. “Vardavar” International fest gives the region unique shine and brings together thousands of people in the third year.

“Vardavar” International festival is supported by the Ejmiadzin Chatedral , Kotayk Regional Administration , Garni village Administration , Ministry of Culture , “Cultural Reserve, Museums and Historical Environment Protection Service “SNCO” , Inernational-Armenian Youth Network, Teryan Cultural Centre , Taraz art, “Akunq” Folk ensemble, “Vahagn” drams ensemble , “Van” song and dance ethnographic ensemble , The Young Journalitst’s school, “Armpress”news agency , online magazine,

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