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Youth Exchange "INFOWARS, Young Citizens Strike Back" in Siauliai, Lithuania

This summer, from July 27 to August 3, the members of the Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia had a unique opportunity to take part in a youth exchange program in Siauliai, Lithuania. The project was organized by FYCA's partner organization Innoved Lietuva in the frames of the non-formal education and supported by Erasmus+. The Infowars project ensured cultural diversity by hosting individuals from Armenia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, Hungary, and Greece. FYCA's delegation consisted of two people.

In general, youth exchange is a great opportunity not only to plunge into other cultural values, lifestyles, or knowledge but also to bring a piece of yours as well. The project aimed at equipping young people with one of the most necessary weapons for today: Media literacy. The project was outstanding with its full schedule.

The participants were involved in activities such as team building, interactive learning, and lectures on how to recognize, avoid or even backfire fake news. Multiple discussions in various forms and arrangements were held focusing on the types, forms, and influences of fake news on our society. The question of identifying the most vulnerable age groups and proposing solutions had particular importance. The involvement of Armenian participants was especially notable in assisting and even accompanying the organizing group.

Last but not least, it is important to highlight one of the most important and informative events: the cultural nights. Cultural nights were aimed at creating an opportunity for participants to demonstrate and share a piece of their cultural food, music, dances, art, and drinks. The Armenian team stood up with its traditional wine and brandy of the highest sort as well as giving a unique chance to other participants to taste delicious Armenian grapes and some traditionally made chocolate. Furthermore, the moment of learning Armenian national dances was joyful, pleasurable, and unforgettable.

Overall, Infowars succeeded as a youth exchange and was outstanding as a project. All the participants were satisfied and even more, the worst and saddest part of the project was saying goodbye to each other 💔💔💔

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